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Joiners Shop

Joiners Shop, Stocks-in-Bowland

Joiners Shop, Stocks-in-Bowland c. 1910

Photograph used by kind permission of Lancashire Library Service - Clitheroe

"Gamalia (normally called either "Gam" or "Mally") Hanson is stood in the doorway of the joiners shop. He was brought up at Bridge House. He later went to farm at Raingill." (A. Walmsley)

The Joiner and Wheelwright's Workshop run by John Swale was situated behind the "New Inn" / "Traveller's Rest". This was the first building, complete with its machinery, to be purchased by the Fylde Water Board in 1915-16.  

"When the reservoir is down there is a concrete block comes up out of the water. Itís not quite as big as a kitchen table. When you start to go on the side of the reservoir leaving the old churchyard, just over the fence, itís just down there. That is the block that the gas engine was bolted to at the workshop. They had a lot of work sharpening the picks for the men on the reservoir works." (L. Blackwell)


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