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Stocks Fold Smithy

Stocks in Bowland Smithy

Stocks in Bowland Smithy c. 1910 - Seated on the trap are J. Walmsley and J.  Swales

Photograph used by kind permission of Lancashire Library Service - Clitheroe


"The smithy was run by a fellow called Tuke who came from Tosside and who also had a smithy there. He ran both businesses." (A. Walmsley)


"Someone once brought a horse to the fellow that used to shoe horses there. It could have been from Grange Hall. Anyway, they brought him a big horse to shoe, but as he picked its foot up it kicked and felled him and as he picked its foot up again it kicked and felled him again. So he reached into the shoeing box for the rasp and hit it at the back of its “lug” (ear) and knocked it down and it was never no bother after that. When the tale came out it turned out that every blacksmith in the countryside had refused to shoe it, but they hadn’t told him. They just fetched it. It could have killed him. Horses like that if you are not careful can send you head first into a wall and break your neck or your skull." (L. Blackwell)


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